meal preparation services

the juice & salad bar

Maceus Studios

only $360 a month for 6 days a week's worth of lunch & dinner for all 4 weeks!

​0r you can start with $90 for a week.

join now & eat more efficient at a bargain price!

(we are currently looking for a new juice & salad bar lady. apologies)

Also try out our amazing juice & salad bar!!!

Our Menu includes but is not limited to Grilled Chicken or Salmon your choice of salad, zucchini pasta or cauliflower rice!

we also serve egg sandwiches & omelets in the morning!

last but not least try our awesome fresh smoothies & juices!

service information:

maceus studios address:

175-25 139 rd. Jamaica, NY 11434

maceus studios number:


chef's name & number:

chef Dayton - 516-410-6109

pickup location:

Tiffany's bakery

​231-09 Linden blvd. cambria heights

pick days:

sunday & Wednesday or

Monday & thursday

delivery number:

coming soon

how it works!

order your meals at maceus studios & pick up 3 day's worth of lunch & dinner 2 times a week.